The Aviator

The Aviator, mixed media on canvas by Julian Quaye


Julian Quaye's paintings illustrate his love of ironic juxtaposition with a touch of steam punk sensibility and a huge dose of kitsch.

His Work

He is currently working on brief character biographies which will bind them into a larger narrative. 
He describes himself as the bastard great great grandson of Beatrix Potter.  

The Aviator

 A typical example of his work is 'The Aviator': a penguin in early period pilot's uniform at the North Pole. Or to put it another way, a bird that can't fly dressed in flying kit and standing at the wrong end of the world.

To note

Within three months of exhibiting for the first time he was picked up to be included in a contemporary urban auction alongside Damian Hirst and Banksy by Dreweatts in summer 2012.