“90 percent of painting is half mental.” JQ

Julian Alexander Quaye’s current works illustrate his love of ironic juxtaposition, and his interest in Victorian and Edwardian colours, with his series of human-form animal portraits. A typical example of his work is ‘The Aviator’: a penguin in early period pilot’s uniform at the North Pole. Or to put it another way, a bird that can’t fly dressed in flying kit and standing at the wrong end of the world.

Within three months of exhibiting for the first time he was picked up to be included in a contemporary urban auction alongside Damian Hirst and Banksy by Dreweatts in summer 2012.

Quaye is a commercial artist with over 25 years experience. He began as a graphic designer in the 80s, producing screen-printed designs for clothing. By the 90s he was specialising in custom freehand airbrushing; anything from motorcycles and crash helmets to murals and backdrops. Always keen to develop his skills further, he studied the arts of trompe l’oeil, marbling, graining, colour washing and traditional sign-writing. His mixed-media artwork, sign-painting and murals incorporate many of these techniques to unique and distinctive effect.

When asked about his influences in creating his animal series of paintings, Quaye cites the wit of surrealist Rene Magritte with the animal drawing styles of Beatrix Potter, Walt Disney and Warner Brothers, encapsulated in a portrait in the manner of American realist painter Edward Hopper but with a liberal dose of kitsch. Quite a recipe.

All the paintings form characters for the narrative for an illustrated book in the future. ‘It will be Steam Punk meets Beatrix Potter’ says Quaye.

Showing History

August 2015                  Group exhibition            The Magnificent Seven                        Urban in Ibiza, Ibiza

October 2014                Artist Guest of Honour                                                                  Bristol Con, Bristol

August 2014                  Group exhibition            Tailored Anarchy                                  Urban in Ibiza, Ibiza

August 2014                  Group exhibition            Tit for Tat                                                It's All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol

November 2013           Group exhibition            Christmas Classic Rock Show            It's All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol

August 2013                  Solo exhibition                The Aviator                                            Harvey's Wine Cellars, Bristol

July 2013                         Joint exhibition               The Aviator                                             It's All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol

June 2013                       Group exhibition           Urban Art Show                                    It's All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol

April 2013                      Group exhibition                                                                              Affordable Art Fair, Bristol

July 2012                         Group exhibition           The Bat                                                    It's All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol

December 2012           Auction                                                                Urban and Contemporary Art Auction, London 

November  2012           Group exhibition          Christmas Bazaar                                  It's All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol

May 2012                        Group exhibition          It's there in Black and White               It's All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol

March 2012                    Group exhibition          Millie Gleeson & James Morton         It's All 2 Much Gallery, Bristol